Friday, October 30, 2009

...two steps back?

Forget beauty pageants. Hell, forget the Formula 1 "grid girls", the scantily-clad purveyors of cheap tequila shots or even the skin-tight pleather-clad automobile accessories at car shows.


So Singapore is hosting this year's APEC Summit and we have chosen to welcome the foreign delegates with a launch party featuring "slim" and "attractive" girls in "body-hugging mini tube dresses". Said girls have been informed that this event is BYOB (that's Bring Your Own Boots, yo). Girls to turn up at casting call dressed "appropriately", ideally in a bikini.

The mind, it boggles. Did I miss the memo? Because to me, this is shows a total lack of a sense of occasion. Did something happen and suddenly an APEC Summit becomes a reason to conduct a female flesh parade? Say it ain't so.

This is completely ludicrous. Someone please hand me (and maybe the older delegates while you're at it) a defibrillator.

Update by the Magical Chicken: The plot, it thickens here.


  1. This is outrageous. I suggest writing in to both Straits Times and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ask if this is not only appropriate for foreign political delegates, and if this theme is really the best Singapore events company, Buttcheeks (did you see the website? I mean, seriously?), can do?

    Singapore think it's important to to toughen public order laws but have no qualms about marketing this insipid connection of race cars and sexxy women to a gathering of international, foreign delegates? Seriously???


  2. Oh, decorating all venues with living erection fodder for straight male men. Well, that's going to make women and gay male delegates feel welcome, isn't it. As well as those straight male delegates who aren't objectifying jerks. AUGH.

  3. You know what gets my goat is the the first requirement is "Speaks fluent English" i.e. none of that Ris Low-related embarassment, thanks.

    Class prejudice on objectification. Goddamn that's classy.

  4. Okay, the more I think about this, the angrier I get. Buttcheek, if the name is not questionable enough, has a logo featuring a sexxy-woman in ostensibly tight-fitted (or no clothes) and heels. And their company banner features nothing but cleavage in a plunging V neckline of a headless woman, of course.

    Anything to spur the economy, aye?

  5. I really do want to know which vapid twit (tautologous i know) was responsible for this abomination!

  6. Compare with this:

  7. @Cow: Well I mean it all makes sense doesn't it? Bikini clad women as amusement for influential men = status quo = ok! Activists =/= status quo = baaaad.

  8. The Singaporean conservative majority is deafeningly silent when it comes to this, and SingTel Grid Girls, and 'The S Factor'. I find it very very strange (naively?). Who will think of the children now??!?!11!

  9. @ComplainingCow Well, I don't think the conservative crowd has anything against girls wanting to be pretty and flaunting it. Nope, there are worse things out there, like GAYZ.


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