Friday, October 23, 2009

Mmm, bullshit waffles

My badly drawn friend is right. When you are dealing with the question of whether one group of humans are inferiors who deserve subjugation and contempt, "balance" is bullshit. (And we on the farm know bullshit when we smell it.)

"I am not pro-gay or anti-gay, I am just--" Stop right there.

Gay people ask for nothing more than to be treated like human beings. Why they desire this, when everyone knows the pinnacle of earthly luxury is found in Magical Chickenhood, I do not know, but hey, different folks, etc.

Since gay people just want to be treated like people who happen to be gay, rather than like shameful and disgusting burdens to society, we can readily translate your triangulation like so:

"Pro-gay" --> "I believe gay people are human beings of equal value to others. They must not be subject to subjugation and contempt."

"Anti-gay" --> "I do not believe that gay people are human beings of equal value to others. It's OK if they are subject to subjugation and contempt; and for extra gold stars I also think maintaining Family Valuez/Dude in the Sky/my fragile sense of self-worth demands we all witter noisily about their inferiority, especially when they go all acting gay and all."

Now between them, these people pretty much got the whole intellectual terrain covered. Either it's OK to subjugate gay people for being gay (and it might even be morally compulsory), or it's not. If you're "neutral", basically you think gay people might not really be human beings of equal value to others; their status as people is all so very murky and unclear, and it miiiiight be okay to denigrate them, because, you know, they're all GAY!! and stuff.

Guess what? You already accept that being gay is a basis for uncertainty about someone's humanity. That means you don't think gay people are human beings of equal value to others. That makes you anti-gay. And being anti-gay sucks. Hope I cleared that up for you.

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