Sunday, October 18, 2009

Petition to Improve Foreign Workers' Housing.

Petition to Improve Foreign Workers' Housing.

Following Farmer Plantalot's entry below, this gay male unfeminist pig is reminded of the Petition to Improve Foreign Workers' Housing, started by two inspired final-year social work majors at NUS, Kah Yoke and Grace.

The two lovely people are calling for support to urge the government to reform migrant worker housing; from the petition:
1) Ensure more dormitories with decent living standards are built. The dormitories should be hygienic, have adequate living space, are well ventilated, and equipped with the necessary amenities to cater to the workers' day to day needs.

2) Step up investigations and checks by conducting a nation wide operation to identify areas where workers are being housed in sub standard living conditions and arrange for their re-settlement.

3) Increase the penalties of employers who house workers poorly
For a quick insight into how male migrant workers are housed, see Samuel He's "Nothing to Hide" or Stephanie Chok's "Is Singapore Really Slum Free?". You can learn more at Kah Yoke and Grace's blog--rather unfortunately echoing President Obama's "Yes We Can" campaign tag--Yes We Care.

This petition ends in December 2009, and will be submitted to the Ministry of Manpower.

More links on migrant worker activism in Singapore:

1 - Humanitarian Organisation for Migrant Economics
2 - Migrant Workers Singapore
3 - Transient Workers Count Too
4 - Day-off Campaign

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