Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whose Right Is It Anyway?

Making A Commitment 2009 (Singapore) from PC on Vimeo.

United Nations Youth Association of Singapore and Maruah, Singapore Working Group for an ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism, with the support of Wee Kim Wee Centre, SMU, are holding a youth workshop on human rights:
Whose Right Is It Anyway?

date: 31st October 2009, Saturday
time: 0900hrs-1730hrs
Seminar Room 2.5
Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Singapore Managment University
50 Stamford Road

Addresses + Plenary discussion/ presentation: (0930hrs-1130hrs)

Natalya Twohill: “Youth and Human Rights”
Alex Au: “The Rights History”
Sumi Dhanarajan: “Business and Rights – where do the two meet?”
Braema Mathi: “The Rights Way Forward”

(moderated by Siew Kum Hong)

This male unfeminist pig certainly thinks human rights is a big topic on which Singapore and her people are still very behind. One of the reasons this is so is that the concept of human rights is comparatively new, which also means that people of certain generations may very well miss its imperative.

If the young'uns are not encouraged at a younger age to understand human rights as essential to an egalitarian society, then we're likely going to fail to absorb fully that every person is, can, and should be equal in standing and possess inviolable rights.

If that happens, then well, we'll have status quo. The belief that human rights is a foreign concept that white people have concocted to obliterate our good old, traditional, conservative Asian family values. Because you know, the right to freedom of speech, to not be discriminated against and our own bodily control and safety is something only an angmoh will want.

We, Asians, prefer to be oppressed, provided we don't actually know how to identify oppression and have every right to oppress others given the opportunity.

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