Saturday, October 31, 2009

Marriage will save your soul!

Listen up single mothers of Kelantan! Were you left in lurch by your previous husband or maybe he's even dead? Are you now poor and unable to support your family as well? Have no fear, for the Malaysian government is here!

According to The Star, when asked on how the government plans to reduce the number of divorce cases and provide support for single mothers, one brilliant suggestion was put forward:

Kelantan Women, Family and Health committee chairman Wan Ubaidah Omar suggested that awards be given to assemblymen for marrying single mothers should they decide to take another wife.

Her suggestion drew support from backbenchers -- all of them men -- who started thumping their palms on the table at the Kelantan State Assembly on Wednesday.

She said the assemblymen could increase their quota to help single mothers with young children and it would help greatly if the assemblymen assisted by marrying them.

Yes. What would we do about these silly women who have no source of income and drain the state of RM2 million a year? Instead of helping these women become self-reliant and providing a support system for them, how about we sell them off to men like chattel instead?

In turn, the men who marry these burdens of the state would be honoured for their magnanimous hearts and made to look like role models! Hurrah hurrah!

Malaysian blogger Tropic Temper said it best when she wrote:

These women are in trouble because men had children by them and then walked out and refused to pay child support. So do we believe in going after these men to pay their debts? Nope. We think the wife should find herself another magnificent specimen of manhood - someone who will marry her if you pay him enough.

And before you use this as a platform to go on an anti-Malaysian bashing, may I remind you that our little red dot of an island isn't much better. Here, single mothers are punished by the government for spreading their legs without having a ring on their finger.

The best example? Single women currently only have two months of maternity leave which paid for by the employer compared to the four months that married mothers receive. Why? Because the third and fourth months are paid for by the government. As part of the Marriage and Parenthood Package, the other two months are supposed to be "an incentive for married couples".

So sluts like single mothers don't qualify, geddit?

In explaining the government's position of not extending the baby bonus to single unwed mothers, Mrs Yu-Foo (Minister of State for Community Development, Youth and Sports) said, "The Marriage and Parenthood Package is not a financial assistance scheme for children. The government cannot and should not be the surrogate father."

The government will instead focus on encouraging more Singaporeans to settle down and get married.

Yes, let's ignore the real situation of Singaporeans to push for an idealised future of the 'father-mother-1.2kids' system that may or may not happen instead.

What bullshit.


  1. Ah this is reminiscent of the time PAS released some statement encouraging the Kelantan state government to hire only unattractive women because:

    1. Pretty women already had the advantage of being blessed with good looks, and so job-wise the unattractive woman should have priority; and

    2. Pretty women would just distract all the men-folk in the office anyway so best not to hire them.

    YAY PAS! Ignorance ftw!!

  2. Ohdog! Again!? Just a month or two ago, Malaysia saw a polygamy club to promote, well, the magnanimous setup of 1 SuperDuper Dude Who Saves Multiple Women By Marrying All of Them:

    "Last month [the Ashaari clan of 1 Dude 4 Wives] launched a "Polygamy Club" that claims the noble aim of helping single mothers, reformed prostitutes and women who feel they are past the marrying age.


    The club claims to number 300 husbands and 700 wives. It hopes to cultivate examples of happy households to counter women's rights activists who say some spouses and children suffer in polygamous marriages. Club members say polygamy deters adultery and would improve the marriage prospects of ex-prostitutes if more men were available to marry them.


    Kartini, 41, says polygamy has served her well; while she was busy arguing court cases, her husband's first wife would cook, clean and look after the children.

    "The wives can complement each other," she said. "Of course, you miss your husband and there are natural feelings of competition and jealousy at first. But after a while, you try to become friends and you learn that you can share your problems with each other.""

    Khartini, Khartini, Khartini, why didn't you just marry another husband who can cook and clean the house, one to look after your kids instead, one for affectation purposes (i.e. to bring for public events), and one to do your accounting?

    Oh wait... You can't! Wonder why...


    I'm really confused by the Marriage and Parenthood Plan. If it's not a financial assistance for children, then what is it? The additional two months in maternity leave is supposed to be understood as? Paid holiday exchange programme for lack of protection from marital rape, is it?

    Also, please! Some mothers also don't want nor need you to "surrogate father" their children, mmmmkay?


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