Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Let's get heard".

BREAKING NEWS: No To Rape has a new video!

This badly drawn, gay male unfeminist pig has much disagreement to express:

No to "balanced" arguments suggesting that oppression has validity,
No to believing that women's bodies are not their personal domains to control;
No to always prioritising someone else's life (born or otherwise) before a woman's choice,
No to assuming that the homosex "bottom" role, the receiving end of The Glorious Gherkin, makes one an inferior;
No to thinking that women who are on the receiving end of The Glorious Gherkin are inferior,
No to Penal Code Section 377A,
No to censoring positive LGBTQ material in our local media and education,
No to pretending that the media has no role in moulding minds;
No to pretending that the law cannot protect the interests of the minority despite popular dis(belief);
No to pretending that LGBTQ rights have nothing to do with human rights,
No to arguing that migrant labour and domestic workers Voluntarily choose to work in drastic conditions;
No to always deferring our responsibilities to these migrant workers to someone else,
No to accepting "traditional family values" as the source of all good,
No to the political disempowerment encouraged in Singaporeans,
No to blaming Singlish on bad English;
No to believing the myth that we live in a post-feminist society,
No to using "gay" as a synonym for "stupid/ludicrous",
No to everyday racism that we think is OK since 'no one is hurt',
No to always waiting for someone else to solve our social issues;
No to accepting that 'bread and butter" should always be primed and protected first;
No to ignoring that a lot of these social issues eventually affect your "bread and butter",
No to thinking that meritocracy precludes compassion and empathy.

(This gay male unfeminist pig is unsure if he should be putting this up, because the "Notorapers" haven't done anything at their website, nor have they sent any mailer. But since it's available, I guess it's fair game? Besides, the campaign to repeal Singapore's marital rape immunity told TOC that they'll be releasing a new flick, so I guess they're expecting people to look out for it. Anyway, look at the right side for our email, and I'll remove it.)


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