Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nov 28: Maruah Open House.

(I'm not sure how Maruah is holding an "open house", since I don't recall them actually being physically housed anywhere. Still, what does a porcine know, right?)

For the uninitiated, Maruah is Singapore Working Group for an ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism. Led by ex-NMP Braema Mathi, the committee includes other named figured like gay activist Alex Au, CEO of Dr Stuart Koe, ex-NMP Siew Kum Hong, former-Law Society President, Peter Cuthbert Low, former-journo and current NTU lecturer Dr Cherian George, etc.

The point is that Maruah does very good and very important work in the advancement of human rights in Singapore, and they need more hands on board to assist in future work! From the website:
Date: 28th Nov 09, Saturday
Time: 4-6pm
Venue: Training Room 2, SCWO Building (Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations)
96 Waterloo Street
Click here for map (

Please RSVP to Thanks and we hope to see you there.

As MARUAH looks to the year ahead, there is much work to be done. Human rights violations continue to occur unchecked locally and in our region. As a group we appeal for more hands and hearts on this. There are many issues of paramount urgency and this is where we want to engage everyone to see what other issues that could be explored.

This session is open to everyone – whether you’re a curious onlooker or you want to help out more in MARUAH’s activities. There is no obligation to continue on. More importantly, this session is for you to assess the opportunities for synergies between yourself and MARUAH.

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