Monday, November 2, 2009

The Ministry of Truth

The astute visitor to our humble yard will have noticed The Poultrygeist's horror that an "APEC launch party" was being organised by the elegantly named Butt Cheeks Creative, complete with casting call full of barf-inducing sexism.

But were you alert enough to have noticed the latest, extraordinarily subtle update to the Butt Cheeks site?

Behold: between The Poultrygeist's post and this one, a mysterious additional 'P' has appeared.

It would appear that this was never an APEC launch party. It was an APPEC launch party.

Truly Magical! History has been revised with the insertion of a letter.

Are you seeking capable events organisers who pay attention to detail and offer fresh, inventive ideas? My suggestion is, don't hire the company which promotes woman-hating. As a bonus, you might also get your name spelt right.


  1. Ah ha, my fellow feathered fowl! I notice that "delegates" has been replaced with the more neutral "visitors". I smell subtle deception!

  2. Well-spotted - I missed that! This all seems rather sinister, doesn't it? How many women turned up for the casting call thinking that the event might enjoy some governmental imprimatur?

  3. Hi Every-Animal at Barnyard Chorus,

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but it wasn't "magical" that this happened.

    A couple of people and I jointly submitted an inquiry to APEC and our Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the launch party. In turn, one of them contacted BCC to clarify and request that amendment be made "in the website and all publicity material".

    I'm certainly not sure APPEC visitors or any commercial conference invitee will necessarily appreciate the seXXXy gesture, but that's a battle for another day maybe.

    It is still magical that a bunch of 'farm animals' brought this up, so thanks!

    Love the blog, btw.

    - mark

  4. Magic moves in mysterious ways. Good stuff, Mark!


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