Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don't fuck children

Is this so hard to grasp?
COURT proceedings to decide on sentencing for a 37-year-old tutor, convicted of allowing a nine-year-old boy to perform oral sex on him on five occasions, took an unusual turn yesterday.

The focus turned to the boy, as details emerged in court about his fixation with sex and how he had made advances to his tutor.

The tutor's lawyer, Mr Denis Tan, gave a disturbing picture of a child who harboured sexual fantasies, performed lewd acts and exposed himself to others.

Arguing that the case was not a typical one in which a predatory adult victimises a child, Mr Tan fought for his client to be placed on probation.

The prosecution did not dispute that the child had issues with sex.

A government child psychiatrist who saw the boy said he had a 'definitive mindset' about sexual matters and showed 'hyper-sexualised behaviour'.
The law doesn't say, "Adults, don't initiate fucking with children." It says, "Adults, don't fuck children."

A child may be able to perform physical acts without understanding their significance, or without being emotionally mature enough to assess their consequences. There is also a significant differential in social status between and adult and a child, who is legally and economically dependent, substantially less socially experienced, politically relatively powerless, and who has been conditioned all his or her life to think of adults - particularly those in a childcare or educational position - as authority figures. For these reasons, the burden must be on adults to prevent any sexual activity between them and children, to avoid the manipulation or exploitation of children's vulnerabilities.

This is not a difficult burden to meet. Just don't fuck the child. If the child tries to fuck you, refuse to participate. Push them away. Nine-year-old's tend not to be champion heavyweight wrestlers.

Unless the boy in question physically held this man down and forced the act upon him, the man is responsible for what happened: a "predatory adult [victimising] a child".

Don't fuck children. Regardless of how they behave. Whether they are boys or girls. And however rich and famous you are. Just don't do it.

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  1. What if the child threatens to tell people you had sex with them if you don't actually do it. As innocent as we believe children to be, they all know how to manipulate at a young age. The national media and the internet age keep everyone informed on most sex crimes. Sex criminal and terrorist are the pariahs of the day. I'm not saying there is a high number of this happening, but lets put the right people away.


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