Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ur chewren iz belongz 2 us!!11!!!1ONE!

Leading member of the local chapter for the preservation and promotion of gayism, Jewish Goose, has sent the following video as a must-watch-otherwise-(...), tagged with a urgent message appended below:

I couldn't find no Jewish, howling gays, and anti-family feminists to dance to good, old Hanukkah tunes, so this clip of twelve delectable, merry men flaunting and spreading their gayism in song and dance shall do. Watch and learn, people, for this shall be how your children (girls, boys and others) are going to turn out when we've accomplished everything on our feminist-aided homosexual agenda: THEY WILL BE CUTE & FANTABULOUS!

Meanwhile, merry Hanukkah, happy Christmas, and a delightful 2010 to all readers and animals at Barnyard Chorus!

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