Thursday, December 31, 2009

Don't stereotype, yo! Just don't!

Yes, that woman in her drop-neck, low-back halter dress doesn't need you to undress her with your eyes, or be told how horny she's made you feel.

Yes, her showing skin doesn't mean she's out to have "good time" with your scruffy hands, nor does she want your money.

Yes, that Malay person is not mathematically-challenged, ze's also doesn't own a guitar nor want to rock out with you.

Yes, that woman doesn't believe her 'yes' or 'I do' at the altar means a 'yes' and 'I do' everytime her husband wants to have sex with her.

Yes, that Indian woman doesn't speak Tamil, Hindi or whatever limited knowledge of Indian languages you have.

Yes, that Indian guy who's really interested in you isn't going to be a drunkard deadbeat who plummets you when he returns home late at night.

Yes, this Chinese guy doesn't speak no Chinese not because he's an elitist bastard, but because he's just not very good at languages.

Yes, that Chinese guy who speaks Chinese doesn't mean he's wrapped up in his own world and doesn't really want to connect to other people.

Yes, just because they're Filipino and Mainlanders, it doesn't mean they're not going to be able to do their jobs well as service staff.

Yes, just because they don't speak much English doesn't mean that they can't do their jobs!

Yes, that pious Christian friend isn't a homosexual-hating, pro-life fundamentalist.

Yes, that Muslim man isn't out to marry multiple wives to save sex workers and single women from some elusive plight.

Yes, this fat people isn't an indolent creature who lacks resolve and self-esteem to look like everyone else.

Yes, fat people are quite aware of their being fat.

Yes, that gay person isn't seeking the next quick-fuck or out to turn your kids gay.

Yes, this effeminate man isn't gay.

Yes, that effeminate gay man isn't seeking a guy who'd make him feel like a natural woman.

Yes, that bisexual person isn't sitting on the fence because ze wants an easy out of ostracisation.

Yes, this feminist has a 2.1-kids-two-heterosexually-married-couple home.

Yes, that feminist is not looking for something to get angry about.

Yes, that gay person doesn't actually have liberal opinions.

Yes, your big fat dick isn't something people all want to worship.

Yes, my sub-par intellect doesn't mean that I'm an empty vase.

Yes, ze's really good looking, but it doesn't mean ze doesn't have anything interesting to tell you.

Yes, her speaking lousy English doesn't mean that the content of her message isn't itself good.

Yes, that single person doesn't actually care to hook up with your cousin's cousin, friend's friend, mother's friend's or colleague's neighbour's loin-fruit.

Yes, that single person has quite a full and happy life because ze's single.
The reality is that no stereotype can be considered light-hearted and humorous. A stereotype is defined as “an often oversimplified or biased mental picture held to characterize the typical individual of a group.” Stereotypes are negative. Even “positive” stereotypes are ultimately detrimental to the groups that struggle to find a sense of self within the narrow parameters of society’s vision. (Latoya Peterson from Racialicious).
Resolution for 2010: don't stereotype, yo! Just don't!

Happy 2010!

Commenters have chimed in with their stereotypes (thanks!). Everyone's encouraged to add zie's in our comments section! :)


  1. Yes, the prostitute on the streets of geylang may be the best mother in the world.

    Thanks for your piece, love it!

    Happy NY!!!!

  2. No, that black woman right there isn't angry and may or may not know the latest hip hop songs that are out.

    No, her son who is an avid fan of the music is not a thug.

    Love the bi statement I must say! And the whole damn thing really.
    Happy Happy New Year! Yes, for enlightenment!

  3. No, the woman colleague with long hair and a soft voice might not be a pushover in work matters (or other matters, for that, er, matter).

    No, the woman with the buzz-cut hair, tattoos and piercings who rides the MRT every morning isn't more likely to be a gang member, drug user, or other type of criminal. (And even if she were -- the law has judged her on her criminal acts, not her choice of haircut or body modification.) She might even turn out to be pleasantly surprising (or surprisingly pleasant?).

    Yes, that gregarious, outgoing, professionally successful acquaintance may come from a single-parent family -- and does not consider it a 'broken' family.

    Yes, that be-spectacled girl with the unfashionable haircut whose science homework you always copy in school can really go wild on the dance floor.

    (All examples of real people I have encountered!)


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