Friday, December 4, 2009

Just so it's out there

Like I said, I liked Harvey Neo's letter. I also agree with his assessment that in reality, few people would voluntarily opt to face all the practical disadvantages associated with being a single parent or a gay person in the world as currently socially arranged.

But just so it's out there:

Even if homosexuality were entirely "a choice" and even it were true that people in fact actively seek to bring up children without a partner or spouse--

I don't give a flying monkey's butt.

Even if all gay people were able to effortlessly choose only heterosexual relationships on the turn of a dime, they shouldn't have to.

Even if hordes of women were enthusiastically collecting bucketloads of sperm to impregnate themselves with turkey basters (due apologies to The Poultrygeist) and then swearing never to get married, that in itself has no bearing on their fitness as parents or their worth as human beings.

Stop treating people like shit. (I'm talking to you, Jerkface.) Not just because societal discrimination means that they're "so poor thing" (although, in fact, they are). The point is, even if you were the only nasty, contemptuous assclown they had to face in the entire world, or even if they could easily avoid all expressions of nasty, contemptuous assclownery by acceding to the nasty, contemptuous assclown demands, it is - surprisingly - wrong to be a nasty, contemptuous assclown to begin with.

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