Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Irrevocable rights

Cat In the Cream gave us The Simplest Point of The Week (so far): "Human rights should not be up to a vote, neither should they be subject to discussion."

I'd like to re-quote Bilerico Project front-poster, Greta Christina's comment about the Californian Supreme Court upholding of Prop 8 (referendum to remove gay marriage rights) earlier this year:
See, this isn't just about gay rights and marriage equality. This is about the principle that certain rights are inalienable. This is about the principle that, as important as democracy is, as important as it is for people to be able to vote on the laws and policies that govern them, certain rights transcend that principle, and cannot be taken away by majority rule. This is about the principle that there are limits to mob rule: that the fears and hatreds and prejudices of one class of people towards another cannot be inscribed into law. This is about the principle that people have every right to be bigots, but they do not have the right to write their bigotry into law... even if that bigotry is shared by the majority. ("The Prop 8 Ruling: Discrimination as a Constitutional Principle", 27 May 2009)
If you even think it's up for discussion, then I'm afraid you're just selling bullshit waffles, and I'm forced to join Kitty in our little corner, silently judging and exercising every ounce of disdain towards you. (We will probably also get on our computers to write snarky things about you!)

Though I'll never politick away your freedom to marry whoever you want, move for you to be removed from my vicinity, force you to hold my hand, say that your vagina iz belongs to your dude just because you married him, or whatever.

That's the point about irrevocable rights.

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