Monday, March 8, 2010

Badvertising: The angry girlfriend seeks revenge..and bigger boobs

Boyfriend dumps girlfriend for her membership in the itty bitty titty committee. Woman wants to seek revenge so she makes a YouTube video three months later showing off her newly-endowed cleavage and gloating about it over her ex.

A real video or just a viral ad re-emphasizing the notion that you're only worth as much as your cups?

According to a trade magazine's article in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong - A viral video masked as revenge attack on an ex-boyfriend has received more than three million hits and doubled traffic to the Perfect C breast enhancer site.
Working within a limited budget to reach local women, Eight Partnership created a viral campaign for Perfect C breast enhancer site featuring a young woman taunting her ex-boyfriend for ditching her because of her inadequate assets.
Jeanne Zhao-Clot, sales and marketing manager for
 Perfect C Breast Enhancer, said the viral campaign is an example of achieving good results with limited budget.

The company previously launched campaigns in English print media such as
SCMP and HK Magazine but decided to use the web for this campaign to reach out to the local Chinese population as Zhao-Clot said there is more potential.

Zhao-Clot added that using the web to reach out to her target audience fits well with the current trend that youths spend a lot of time online.

She said the company's website had doubled in traffic and they have received more inquiries on the product, since the launch.
It had more than a million views on Tudou before being taken down by the site after three days with 600,000 views on and more than 1.05 million hits on YouTube.
A second video featuring her ex-boyfriend's response and showcase of UK breast enhancement brand has rolled out on Friday.
"By creating a story around the product, we added the extra twist that made it a true winner, compared to the typical advertisements in this category which merely feature celebrities and models,"Chris Kyme, creative partner for Eight, said.
He added the story was crucial in attracting viewers, leaving a lasting impression as well as generating further discussion.

Eurgh. Seriously I have no words.


  1. Another pretty girl who's bent on proving how true two stereotypes are - pretty girls have no brains/the bigger your boobs are the smaller your brain is.

  2. Just to clarify (my previous comment was very misleading), what I meant was that this girl is justifying the stereotypes, and proving they are "true".


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